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Peekaboo: Pops of Neon Color

pop of color style, pop of color clothing, pink and red pops of color, lace tights

Top: Frenzii, Shorts: Madewell, Tights: Loehman’s, Boots: Zara (similar), Lips: Guerlain, Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Wait a minute- does my hair look somehow darker to you up in here? Well, that’s probably because I’ve been a lazy bum and took these photos a month ago and hadn’t posted them yet- eek! To be fair, I’ve been dreaming in pure LA technicolor and was so excited to get my trip photos up, hence my negligence. But I couldn’t help but post these photos after seeing the gorgeous crimson-and-hot pink combinations that have been rocking the runways this season in New York. I’ll be posting my favorite looks and how to wear them shortly, but the color combo in this outfit is one way to dip your toe into the trend without a big commitment.

Ever since this happy little wallet earned its place of honor in my purse, I’ve been craving bright pink, from nail polish to lipstick to… well, that’s about all the fuchsia I own, but that’s about to change. I love pairing two brights together, and doing so in peekaboo-fashion is perfect for those who shy away from neon.

I wore this outfit out a few weeks ago to an evening at a nightclub, but the night didn’t exactly go as planned. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I recently wound up having the time of my life at a random bar after leaving a lackluster club. There was spontaneous football in an alleyway, and I kind of loved how overdressed I was for a flannel-and-a-pint bar. But that’s the best part of living in a city like this- you never know exactly where your night will take you.

pop of color style, pop of color clothing, pink and red pops of color, lace tights

Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle, Marc by Marc Jacobs too hot wallet, Marc by Marc Jacobs pink wallet


6 thoughts on “Peekaboo: Pops of Neon Color

  1. Pretty sure the best nights always start out at clubs and end at bars, haha. I totally feel you with nights out in the city, you can never predict how they end. Love this outfit though! Your lips matching your bag? Perfection.

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