Thread and Bones

Blogging can be an isolating task, what with its hours spent editing photos and time required to brainstorm new posts and fresh ideas. When I first started, I found it daunting and a bit lonely… that is, until a beautiful girl who I had never met before started commenting on my posts. Those comments quickly turned into a fantastic brunch, and then a trek around my neighborhood, a fantastic costume party, and then countless evenings full of cocktails and laughter.

But, as they do, fantastic people have a way of wanting to travel the globe and share their light with the rest of the world. The fantastic, unparalleled, gifted J.M. is on her way to Paris as I type this, and I may be a little misty right about now. She’ll be back someday, and I know I’ll get to live vicariously through her beautiful blog, but San Francisco just got a little less vibrant.

Safe travels, my dear. Miss you already.

All images by MB Maher or JM Mericle

Cable-Knit Sweater and Tights with JM

black and white style, vintage style, vintage fashion, San Francisco vintage

black and white style, vintage style, vintage fashion, San Francisco vintage


3 thoughts on “Thread and Bones

  1. So sweet. Love this post! You found a true friendship 🙂 So true this blogging world can be isolating at times (I just started about a month ago)….good to know you can meet other like minded people. 🙂

    -Alecia with

  2. So I’m pretty jetlagged right now, and therefore could definitely be hallucinating that you dedicated this adorable post to me, but I doubt I could even dream up something so flattering. I am completely at a loss for words, except to say thank you so much, and I’m so glad we can both inspire and play muse for each other. To many more years of bloggery and friendship!
    PS: I miss you already too. Come to Paris as soon as you can!!!

    • Aw, you’re such a sweetheart 🙂 Of course I wrote a love post to you! You’ve been such a great blogging inspiration. I can’t wait to visit you in Paris, but in the mean time I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for some fab travel posts from you. Talk to you soon!

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