Five Quick Snaps


When I shop, I get an image in my head that’s so specific and so distinct that it can take me years to find the item in an actual store. Honestly, it’d probably be easier for me to learn to make my own clothes, but there’s something about the thrill of the hunt that keeps me repeating my pattern. This wallet above was the product of months of searching, and when I found it for 50% off on Zappos, all became worthwhile.
It’s just SO PINK.

I just have to stop myself from waving it around like a madwoman every time I have to scan my bus pass or pay for my dinner. Street smarts, Sarah!


Speaking of bright colors, there really is nothing more lovely and happy than bright summer flowers. These mums at Mumm Napa (clever, clever) totally take the cake.


I already showed you this dress recently, but I just can’t get enough of the contrast between the rich, bright yellow jacquard and the simple beige ribbon. So unexpected!


Remember when I resolved to wear more jewelry? This girl keeps her word.


And finally, for something completely different! San Francisco is in full-on fog mode, and it’s a rare moment when the sun peeks out to remind us that it’s still up there. Even though I grumble about it with the rest of the city, there’s a quiet, strange beauty in it. I love how it sets off this giant sculpture in such grand form.


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