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Five Quick Snaps


This week more than ever, love is most certainly in the air. I felt it overtly in the post-SCOTUS ruling celebrations that overtook our beautiful city, and it felt it walking home up Fillmore Street and seeing smiling couples dining al fresco in the summer air. Next thing you know, I’ll start belting out, “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes…”

It’s definitely been a week for self-reflection. I consider myself to be a fairly happy and grateful person, but I can still fall prey to dwelling on frustrations and negativity. It can be a roller-coaster of emotions inside this head, and I have to remind myself to sit back and sort them out from time to time.

One year ago, my dad underwent a sudden and serious surgery that prompted me to fly home urgently as my mom, brother, and I tried to hold ourselves together in the days and weeks that followed. It was the most distressing time in my life, and I noticed reverberations in my feelings and actions for months. Now that a year’s past and I think about seeing my dad grow strong and healthy again, it’s impossible not to feel grateful.

It’s amazing how those little annoying things fade away when I take a moment to realize how beautiful life can be.


The iconic Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Jim and I took a sudden (and rare!) weekend out of town together down to the beach, and it was exactly what I needed! Sunshine, soft serve, and lots of sea lion sightings.


Yes, that is indeed a glass of rosé on top of a stack of children’s books. Because being a grown-up is awesome.


There’s really nothing that needs to be said… I just really, really love California.


My summer shoe crush (by Vince Camuto, natch). Comfy and with built-in air conditioning? Yes, please!

Happy weekend, everyone! Thanks for coming by 🙂


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