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The More Things Change…

Aritzia jacket, Urban Outfitter chambray, Mission San Francisco

Aritzia jacket, Urban Outfitters chambray top, Gap pants (use code GAPSUMMER for 25% off!), Steve Madden boots, Chime necklace, Guerlain lip color

Mind you, my exact words were that I wanted to try to wear more color, not that I’d do it every day! I’ve been having a bit of an Urban Outfitters moment- lots of military-inspired garb, wrinkly shirts, and lace-up boots that have an embarrassingly hipster name (Kombat, in case you were wondering). My friends might tease me a bit, but this sort of uniform feels entirely me- easy, comfortable, and the kind of thing that can take me from breakfast burritos at noon to sparkling wine at dinnertime.

Can I say how obsessed I am with this jacket? Finding it was truly a miracle, given that I shop in the most utterly useless and frustrating way. I tend to visualize something I want in my head and then go to absurd lengths to hunt down my imaginary item. One day I’ll recount the saga of trying to find my wedding dress…

Anyway, I tried on and rejected over thirty military-style jackets (seriously) before spying this one on a particularly stylish coworker. I’m wearing it over everything right now, from my Saturday night sequins to my dressed-down everyday looks. It’s the perfect weight for San Francisco spring, and it even got my husband’s rare seal of approval. You see, it has functioning pockets that mean he doesn’t have to carry my stuff around…

Aritzia jacket, Urban Outfitter chambray, Mission San Francisco

Despite what this outfit might suggest, I have indeed succeeded in adding more color and pattern to my wardrobe. I’m also in the final stages of the Closet Chronicles (coming soon!), and I’m so excited to start mixing and matching the old with the new. In the mean time, as I’m dipping my toe into the world of colorful clothes, my friends are always an inspiration.

When looking at the two photos below, all I can say is that sometimes couples do indeed start dressing alike! I’m going to start blaming Jim for my affinity for grey and olive. Loving my cute friends’ pops of color!

Dolores Park

sanfranista, Dolores Park

Aritzia jacket, Urban Outfitter chambray, Mission San Francisco


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