Five Quick Snaps

I haven’t done yoga with any regularity in several years, but feeling the energy coming off this crowd last Saturday was really inspiring. My hands-down favorite thing about San Francisco is how you can walk the same route three days in a row and see something different and unexpected every time. One day it’s a yoga party, and the next it could be a naked bike race. Never a dull moment!

Life has been a flurry of work and friends this past week. I know that the new-job afterglow will fade in time, but so far I’m as energized and excited as ever. It feels like I’m always learning something new and getting to tap into a whole different side of myself, a side that’s not stressed and exhausted and running out of emotional steam. It feels like a whole new me, but a me that’s always been there.

Speaking of work, I snapped this photo at a work event at Bocce in Sausalito. It was a perfect, sunny day, and being on the water felt so serene.

Yes, that is indeed my arm adorned with a big ol’ bracelet. I made a pledge to start wearing jewelry more, and so far I’ve stuck to it! It feels a little weird having something around my wrist, but I do feel a little badass when I wear it.

At the Geek 2 Chic fashion show this past Wednesday, I was tickled pink (hehe) to discover that the wristband perfectly matched my lips and nails. Yep, I’m a dork.

Everyone who knows me know that I really, really love guinea pigs. But what you might not know is that my guinea pig love is closely rivaled by my feelings for elephants. Sure, if I met one in the wild I’d probably be horribly maimed, but their ceramic versions are pretty freaking cute.

Happy weekend, friends!


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