One Sundress, Two Ways

One Sundress, Two Ways


One of my favorite fashion things to do is take one article of clothing and wear it in two completely different situations. Whether it’s wearing my combat-inspired boots with a babydoll dress or sequins for daytime, I taking clothing out of its usual context and making it new again.

In the collage above, I chose a sundress from the Topshop for Nordstrom collection (love!) and made it work-appropriate. Even though this outfit might not fly in more conservative workplaces, the classic black pumps, cinched belt, and tailored blazer anchor the outfit and keep it from being too cutesy.

For the weekend, I liked the idea of working with the dress’s playfulness and giving it a boho-chic vibe. Leather sandals and a cross-body bag are practical as well as stylish, and I love how the scarf and earrings play up the pretty colors in the dress’s floral pattern.

Now, if only the weather would make up its mind and just stay sunny for a while 🙂


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