Five Quick Snaps


At 10 PM last night, I sat in my apartment with all the windows open and fans blowing, sweating. Shorts were out in full force in the Haight yesterday, and my husband officially has a farmer’s tan (well, more of a collection of freckles making his skin appear darker). It might technically still be spring, but it sure feels like summer in San Francisco.

Above, working from home on a gorgeous, sunny day is the perfect inspiration for a truly fabulous salad (and a sunny, happy magazine!). Lunch break!


I can’t get over these little bits of personality that pop up everywhere at work. Whether it’s a bowl of jellybeans or a mischievously moustached mug, there’s something unexpected behind every corner. And don’t even get me started on the giant closet…


Speaking of lurking behind corners, I seriously cannot stop photographing the GGB. I got my first look at its underbelly now that Fort Point is open for the summer- methinks this will become a weekly expedition.


And endless sunset walkway in the Presidio.


And now, for something completely different, I give you the Walrus of Destruction. I always thought of walruses as cute and somewhat whimsical, but this Haight street wall art (wall threat?) is making me think twice. Yes, that is indeed a cable car he’s holding in his flipper. And that is a laser beam coming out of his mouth. Yep.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone, and watch out for rogue walruses!


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