Closet Chronicles: The Beginning

Even if it doesn’t feel like it yet (sorry, Midwest!), spring has officially been sprung for close to a month. As the seasons start to change, I’m more inspired than ever to identify and step out of my clothing ruts and try something new. Similar to my devotion to New Year’s resolutions, I like to take time in late April and early May to do a good spring cleaning for the closet and the soul. And wow, does my closet need it (see below).

sanfranista's closet

Even though I clearly love fashion and am always on the hunt for something different, I realized recently that I end up buying variations of the same piece over and over again. There’s almost no color, very few patterns other than plaid, and there’s a gaping hole between “I could wear this to a dive bar” and “I could wear this to a black tie dinner.” It’s time for me to shake things up.

In addition to culling and supplementing my closet, I also want to transform the space itself. By some logic-defying miracle, the small studio that I share with my husband boasts closet space that generally exists only in the Midwest and television shows set in New York City (Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, anyone?). Despite the ample space, my clothes, shoes, and accessories huddle together in messy clumps that do little for cultivating an aesthetic and preventing me from seeing what I own.

So, starting today, I plan to take the next two months and give my closet and wardrobe an overhaul. You’re welcome to join me if you’ve found yourself in a similar position! Like any good plan of attack, I’ve broken it down roughly into steps.

Step One: Assess the damage. I’m going to go through my closet, dress by dress and shoe by shoe to determine what I have now and what I’m lacking.

Step Two: Cull the herd. Once I’ve assessed my current closet condition, it’s time to free up some space by donating or setting aside items I don’t wear. Time to take the gloves off!

Step Three: Revamp the space. Before purchasing new items, I need to create a space that works and that makes me feel confident. It’s time for the closet makeover.

closet1Step Four: Find the inspiration. Before I buy, I like to spend some time checking out trends online and doing walk-throughs of my favorite stores to see what’s available and get some ideas. Then, I’ll make a list of what items would add the most to my closet.

Step Five: Time to shop. I’ll look for a few new items but focus mostly on organizing a clothing swap with friends and checking out thrift stores in the area. Hey, I’m on a budget here!

Step Six: Bring it all together. Now that I’ve organized and revamped my closet, it’s time for me to enjoy the fruits of my labor and see how I feel.

Who else is feeling the closet-cleaning itch? How do you go about it, and what works best for you? Any important steps you think I’m missing?


2 thoughts on “Closet Chronicles: The Beginning

  1. Two suggestions:

    1) How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If you’re going to clean out your closet may I suggest making it a daily activity – 10 minutes at a time. Large projects tend to get put off if you try and do way too much at once. Take a look at my kitchen and bathroom, for example. It’s been a year for cryin’ out loud.

    2) Donating clothes? Get a receipt! Your tax accountant will appreciate it. 🙂

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