Five Quick Snaps

Before starting my new job this week, I zipped back to Minnesota to see my family and celebrate/mourn the end of choosing my own schedule for work. My experience there can mostly summed up by the word “tea” and the phrase “young adult fiction,” but we also slipped in a trip to the zoo. This bear was sacked out with his rear end up against the glass window. No shame. Perhaps we can all learn something about unselfconsciousness…

Another zoo moment- the elusive sea dragon.

Further evidence that spring has sprung. If you’re ever around the Financial District on a Thursday, heading east toward the Ferry Building and the farmer’s market is well worth your time.

Ok, so I know that cats are the “it” animal right now, with cute little videos and them dominating YouTube and with the Cats of Instagram feed growing every day. But I still think guinea pigs are pretty darn cute.

And sometimes, even the shy ones get their own personal spotlight.

Happy Friday, everyone! Any big weekend plans?


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