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Simple Stripes

Zara striped dress, Zara military dress, horizontal stripe dress, black and white style

Zara striped dress, Steve Madden boots, H&M sunglasses

On Wednesday, I admitted that my knowledge of accessorizing was about as keen as a vegan’s understanding of steak, my dad’s understanding of the Fall 2013 runway trends, or a guinea pig’s understanding of foreign relations. Despite my love for fashion and beauty, I’ve always fallen short when it comes to accessorizing.

Part of it stemmed from my adolescent desire to appear cool without trying- you know, trying to achieve that whole “I just got out of bed and happened to look this awesome” thing that only works on The CW or the Fearless book series (which I started reading again- if you haven’t, get on it). In my mind, less always meant more, and not trying was cooler than careful accessorizing. However, the new ways of stacking bracelets or choosing the perfect necklace are so much less fussy than the trends of the 90’s. Scrunchie layering, anyone?

I started thinking about and questioning my lack of accessorizing when looking through these photos. I really like how simple the look is, keeping within this season’s stark black-and-white palette and letting the stark shape and pattern of the dress take center stage. This look feels very “me,” but at the same time, I’m intrigued to see how I could change it with different accessories. What am I afraid of?

I start my new job this Tuesday, and I’m about to become completely immersed in fashion, especially piles upon piles of amazing accessories. Perhaps I could absorb a thing or two. After all, what’s spring if not a time to push outside my comfort zone?

I smell a blog project coming…

Zara striped dress, Zara military dress, horizontal stripe dress, black and white styleSteve Madden Kombat, Zara striped dress, Zara military dress, horizontal stripe dress, black and white style
And a quick shot from Greens Restaurant, one of my favorite places in San Francisco and the destination for this stripey outfit.
Greens Restaurant, Greens San Francisco, Greens Restaurant San Francisco, San Francisco bay, San Francisco bay sunset


2 thoughts on “Simple Stripes

  1. You definitely rock a simple black and white look like no other. I’m horrible when it comes to accessorizing as well – it just seems like an extra layer of fashion to have to add on and it just doesn’t seem effortless anymore. I still don’t understand how some people can layer on 10 bracelets and a ring on each finger and STILL look effortless…but they do.

    Good luck on your first day on Tuesday! It sounds like such an exciting opportunity (and definitely very different). You’ll kill it as a stylist! Can’t wait to hear more about it! 🙂

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