How to Style Winter-Spring Layers

winter-spring layers, fashion layers, sweater over shirt, knit layersAround this time of year, I always have to take a reality check before I assume that the rest of the country is also experiencing weather alternating between balmy 70-degree days and foggy 50-something evenings. All it takes is turning on the live stream of my favorite Minnesota Public Radio station and hearing the weather report to bring me back to reality. Sorry, guys- freezing rain sucks.

Even though much of the country is still blanketed in snow, there’s a little something in the air that hints at warmer times to come. Whether you’re in San Francisco or Duluth, this winter-spring transition time is the perfect excuse to pile on layers like there’s no tomorrow. Knits never go out of style, and it’s hard to go wrong with a classic plaid flannel. Chunky or light wool scarves are a cozy add-on that brings a serious dose of texture to your ensemble.

When layering, especially under a fitted jacket, start with long layers first and keep them thin in order to build visual interest without the bulk. I like to balance out volume and layers on top with a pair of cigarette pants or even leather leggings (yep, I’m still on that wagon!). If you like to define your waist, a masculine belt gives your figure shape without looking fussy.

I hope you enjoy the inspiration, and please share your own in the comments! Image credits below.

fashion layers, polka dot style

layers on atlantic-pacific

leather leggings layering

winter-spring layers, sanfranista layersspring layers, denim jacket layers, polka dot tights

Vanessa Jackman: London Fashion Week 2012

fashion layers, fashion texture, clothing texturelayers with scarf

the stylish heart layers

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