Places, Snaps

Five Quick Snaps


‘Tis that time of year- the time that the fog rolls in, feeling either cozy and comforting or like a big, wet, annoying blanket. The sentiment generally depends on if Karl has worn out his welcome or is just popping by for a quick visit.
Yes, the fog has a name- if you’re not already following Karl the Fog on Twitter, now’s the time.


A friend of mine wore this beautiful coral necklace to Filter Magazine/Gap’s SXSW event last week. Even though I’m a bit more grunge-meets-mod-meets-who knows than bohemian, the styles that night were amazing and so inspiring.
I can’t wait to see the fashion that comes out of the SXSW festival!


I can’t get enough of San Francisco architecture, especially when it combines sunny yellow with the brilliant blue of the sky. With scenery like this, I quickly lose all excuses to skip my jog and stay home.


I have to say, even though I’m a huge fan of the brightly colored skimmers at Gap featured in this poster, my favorite thing about this photo is definitely the presence of disembodied legs on top of disembodied heads. #weirdo


And just when you think Karl is here to stay, he hightails it out of here and lets the sun come back to play. I snapped this photo at Tennessee Valley Beach in Marin, one of my favorite places from childhood.

Even though I’m a Minnesota girl in many ways, I spent the first eight years of my life in Marin County, and it has a hold on me. Like diving into a bowl of Kraft Mac & Cheese later in life, something about going there brings back the you and awesomeness of being a kid. Ok, sappiness over (at least for this post)!


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