3 Non-S&M Ways to Wear Leather Leggings

leather pants, pleather pants, leather leggings, faux leather leggingsWhen I first saw leather leggings, I was pretty darn skeptical that it was a look that would translate at all off the runway. Leggings on their own can be a challenge to wear chicly, and adding leather into the equation was just asking for trouble. With their connotations of bondage and female superheros, I doubted I’d ever try a pair.

How wrong I was. Despite my husband’s laughter whenever I put them on (whatever, dude), I’ve found my pleather pants to be versatile, comfortable, and as easily integrated into my wardrobe as any other pair of skinny black pants. These aren’t the funny-smelling pleather pants of the 90’s- they give you the sleek look of leggings with the thicker fabric and guaranteed opacity of pants. We seem to have a hybrid on our hands.

I’ve created inspiration collages of my three favorite ways to wear them, from casual to professional to girlie. The possibilities are endless, though! What’s your favorite way to wear leather pants or leggings?

Sweater & Leather

Sweater & Leather

This casual look is the most basic and easiest way to wear leather leggings. To tone down their edginess, pair them with a slouchy sweater and classic accessories like combat-inspired boots and a colorful bag. Sweater+black pants+boots has been my uniform for years, and I love how swapping regular leggings out for leather takes the look up a notch.

Leather on Leather

Leather on Leather

You’d think that wearing a leather jacket with leather pants would be overkill, right? Not necessarily, especially if you choose a blazer-inspired piece in cream or light grey. Adding metallic flats and a sweet contrast blouse adds a bit of innocense that’s still professional enough for creative fields with more relaxed dress codes.

Black, White, & Leather

Black, White, & Leather

This is my favorite of the three ensembles. I’m a big fan of the black & white look this season, and mixing patterns is easy when the rest of the look is so clean. The bright scarf and hot pink lips are perfect for spring, and this look could go easily from brunch to a dinner date. Who knew leather could be so cute?

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4 thoughts on “3 Non-S&M Ways to Wear Leather Leggings

  1. I’m going to have to go with the second look! I’m loving the pleather with the nude jacket. I always told myself I’d never be a leather pants person either until I tried out a leather skirt! I’m in love with it and it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet right now. I’m still not sure if I’d try leather pants yet (I always think of that Friends episode where Ross gets stuck in his) but you might have convinced me!

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