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Five (Actually, Six) Quick Snaps


Oh Chicago, how I have missed thee. Jim and I hopped over to the Midwest last weekend to surprise his mom for her milestone birthday, and it was an amazing trip in so many ways. His dad planned the whole thing- it was so sweet to see him get every detail in place and vigilantly remind me to stay off social media until we arrived (no easy feat!).

Before The Great Surprise, Jim and I spent some time wandering his hometown. And by “wandering,” I mean shivering and huddling for a few blocks before giving up and taking refuge in a Caribou Coffee. Mind you, the weather was only in the low 30’s. During my Minnesota childhood, the thermometer regularly dropped to 30 degrees… below zero. It’s official- San Francisco living has turned me into a wuss.

Taking in the Chicago cityscape, I was struck by how different being in this city felt. Even the stark grey buildings stood out against my mental image of San Francisco’s rambling pastel landscape. Chicago felt stronger, more formidable- like San Francisco’s older brother that went straight to law school while its younger sibling bummed around Europe with a backpack.

Even though San Francisco is the love of my life, I’ll never forget my years in Chicago with its hometown pride, feuding baseball teams, and inimitable winters.


These little sparrows had the right idea- avoid the freezing wind by tucking into your own custom-built high rise.


I can’t get enough of this Burberry building. Seriously, how amazing is this?


Jim and I decided that the best way to prepare for a 6 AM flight to Chicago (and a 3 AM wakeup) was obviously to see a concert the night before. Fortunately, The Fillmore’s amazing decor and Anberlin’s fabulous performance were enough to make up for the two hours of sleep that followed.


I can’t stop wearing these Steve Madden boots. I know everyone and their grandmother is wearing combat-inspired boots right now, but I can’t say no to something that’s so comfortable and goes with every pair of skinny pants I own (so, every pair of pants I own).

Happy Wednesday, friends! What’s on tap for you for the day?


3 thoughts on “Five (Actually, Six) Quick Snaps

  1. Mia says:

    Those sparrows! I die. Also, combat boots are trendy because they’re rad, so no apologies. (I’m still looking for a pair myself.)

  2. I love/miss Chicago! When I was there a couple of weeks ago, I stayed at that ‘champagne bottle’ hotel (the one with the gold on top) on the right. How nice to surprise the m-i-l!

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