The Man Behind the Camera

You might have noticed that I’ll reference a guy called “Jim” or “The Bearded One” from time to time on here. If anyone told him when he was growing up that he’d be featured on a fashion blog someday, he probably would have pulled his Chicago Cubs hat down low and challenged you to a duel.

It’s amazing how your life can change when you marry a fashion blogger, no?

Jim takes almost all of my outfit photos, and it’s been quite a process to go from “Um, I took one picture of your dress, can we be done?” to snapping dozens of photos to make sure we cover the outfit, details, and context of whatever cool place we’re in. He’d never call himself a “real photographer,” but in his other work in photography, he captures things about San Francisco that I had never even noticed.

You see, Jim’s a street photographer in his spare time. That kind of art is all about capturing a spontaneous moment in time as opposed to a I’m-not-posing-casual-pose. When I’m drinking wine with my girlfriends or watching tv at home, Jim is off on a solitary trek through the city armed with nothing but a camera and patience.

Jim’s photography and his eye for capturing the unusual in everyday life are much of what inspired me to turn Sanfranista into a fashion/San Francisco life hybrid. I love photos of awesome shoes as much as the next person, but my favorite personal style blogs tell a story about why they chose their outfit and where they wore it. My blog certainly isn’t street photography, but I still want to showcase my love affair with San Francisco along with the dress I’m wearing.

If you’d like to learn more about the bearded man behind the camera, check out his Tumblr here.

And finally, a portrait of the photographer himself (taken by yours truly!):


5 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Camera

  1. Wow! He’s got some real talent. I’m always so jealous of bloggers with photog hubbies/bfs. Mine is NOT a fan of taking pics, haha.

    • Hi Marley, Thanks for your feedback. Being a Glee character, I know you’re used to the fast-paced life at William McKinley High School, so I’m sorry that my blog isn’t quite your speed. Best of luck choosing between Jake and Ryder!

  2. I LOVE that beach picture with the flowers, and the ones of the ladies peaking into the shop. Bearded Man is quite the talented photorapher!

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