One Dress, Two Ways: Inspiration

Crochet dress, H&M crochet dressThe jig is up- for being a fashion blogger, I kinda wear the same stuff all the time. The flannel I wore in Dolores Park has had more than its fair share of wear since then, and a cozy grandma sweater that I will NEVER showcase on this blog has been my uniform this week (ok, three days in a row. Sue me).

It’s easy to get away with wearing the same nondescript article of clothing a few times in a row during the day, but it’s a little bit more difficult to wear a statement piece a few times without seeming redundant. My gold Parker dress is probably the most stand-out article of clothing that I own, and I tend to shy away from wearing it more than once every few months (the last time I wore it was during fashion week!.

My calendar isn’t often full of events that call for a sparkly dress, so when it does, I definitely want to take advantage. I’m wearing it tonight for Valentine’s Day dinner with the husband, and I’ll put it on again less than 24 hours later (gasp!) for a night out dancing in the Castro with friends.Here’s the inspiration for each ensemble, and I’ll post photos on Monday to see how I did with the challenge!

Date Night

For date night tonight, I wanted to anchor the sequins with black pumps and tights while adding a bit of sweet color with pink lips and barely-there nail color. The black star earrings punk it up a little (I couldn’t resist!), but pearls would be a classic touch.

Dancing 'till Dawn

If you’ve ever wanted to channel rocker-chic-biker-Marilyn-slightly-trashy-arm-party, there’s no better time to do it than when going dancing with your friends. I love the Castro for its vibrancy and anything-goes nature, but this look would be just as at home (if not a little daring!) at any fun party.

I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s Day today, whether you’re headed to a date, hanging out with friends, or just taking it easy on your own. XO!


3 thoughts on “One Dress, Two Ways: Inspiration

  1. What a stunning dress! I love the way you styled it! I have a sequined dress too but I never get an occasion to wear it, so I end up wearing all my fancy clothes to the supermarket or something like that, haha.

    • Thanks so much, Mel! I would love to see pics of you buying groceries in sequins- that sounds awesome 🙂 I hope you found these styling ideas inspiring!

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