Five Quick Snaps


Ok, I know- posting a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge on a San Francisco blog is a bit obvious. But honestly, a bridge this beautiful never gets old. I mean, it’s bright red, has awesome awesome sharks swimming under it, and walking across it in a thick fog transports you to another dimension. Enough said?


I walk by lots of boutiques on Fillmore during my commute home, but only Curve has this little guy staring out the door at me. I want!


Speaking of want, these cupcakes from Sift are an essential part of any girls’ night in. Only a sadist in happy cupcake person’s clothing would offer frosting shots for $2 in the most Pilates-and-green-juice-obsessed neighborhood in San Francisco.


Britex Fabric never ceases to amaze me with its sensory overload of vibrant colors and rich fabrics. Even if you’re like me and can’t tell a thimble from a spool of thread, it’s well worth a visit.


Who wears polka dots, sparkly tights, and freshly polished nails out to a stranger’s college-throwback house party? This girl, that’s who.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


2 thoughts on “Five Quick Snaps

  1. I love Britex! We now have a date to browse there together as soon as I’m in town. Another lovely peek into your foggy and glamorous pac heights life =)

    • Yes, Britex will definitely have to happen! You have such a good eye for fabrics and textures, I’d need to just sit back and watch 🙂 Hope your travels are going well, lady!

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