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An Ode to Puffy Vests

Patagonia vest, vest with layers, winter fashion, winter sweaters

If I had to name a Lee Family tradition off the top of my head, my first thoughts would go to a love of the outdoors and puffy vests. They go together like bread and butter, like hipsters and flannel shirts, like guinea pigs and cute noises. My dad was recently interviewed on the news about his business ventures, and I was so proud (and not at all surprised) to see that he wore his trademark puffy vest for the interview.

There’s something truly beautiful about a  distinguished man in his 60’s discussing ground-breaking business deals while encased in down feathers.

But I digress, as I often do. I’m heading off to the mountains this weekend with friends, which reminded me of my recent trip to Lake Tahoe and the snowshoeing adventures that ensued. I had hoped to do outfit photos during that weekend, but the reality is that I don’t have it in me to wear cute, coordinated stuff when it’s really, really cold outside.

winter clothing layers, vest and sweater, fair isle sweatervest, skinny jeans and boots

Blame it on my practical rural Minnesota roots, but all I can do when it’s snowing is to throw on my puffiest vest and my ugly snow boots and run out to embrace the flakes as quickly as I can. I suppose we all have our strengths, so I’m going to leave the chic snow-trekking looks to the other Sarah and Jen. I’ll be in charge of practical winter wear and my goober-y “ZOMG IT’S SNOWING!” face.

Deal? Deal.

Lake Tahoe, fair isle sweater, vest and sweater, winter layers

pine trees with snow, winter snow, Lake Tahoe snow

Lake Tahoe City, Tahoe, gondola in Tahoe, snow in Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, Heavenly gondola, Heavenly snow

winter layers, fair isle sweatervest, vest with sweater


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