Style Inspiration under $49: HBO’s Girls

I’m certainly not the first to say it, but HBO’s runaway hit show Girls has become a total cultural phenomenon. Love it or hate it, it’s a series that makes an impression. With Season 2 premiering last Sunday, I’m cramming in a Season 1 Girls-a-thon, which I know will bring back memories of seeing the show for the first time and how uncannily real all the characters are.

I can identify with aspects of each character on any given day, usually based on my current level of sleep deprivation, caffeine consumption, and generally drama quotient. Each has a distinct style, but they’re all totally wearable for many women.

All four collages are made up solely of items under $49, which seemed most appropriate for style inspired by broke twentysomethings! Enjoy.

HBO Girls Style: Hannah

HBO Girls Style: Hannah

Hannah, the show’s main character, has a quasi-vintage, super-eclectic look. Her character always looks a bit disheveled, but I cleaned up the silhouette to take her style from charmingly frumpy to a little more polished. Everything’s a little mismatched, but that’s a part of her charm!

HBO Girls Style: Jessa

HBO Girls Style: Jessa

Jessa is always the center of attention, and she loves it. The ultimate daring fashionista, she refuses to reveal any self-consciousness in how she dresses. Whether it’s wearing see-through pants to her first nanny gig or a Gaga-esque feathered jacket to a party, she always keeps things interesting. You know those weird, trendy looks that only work on a runway? She nails them.

HBO Girls Style: Shoshanna

HBO Girls Style: Shoshanna

Shoshanna seems to be the archetypal “good girl,” but you never know when she might cut loose and run barefoot and screaming down the street. I wanted to channel her innocent, girlish style that totally belies her wackiness. Can’t go wrong with a pan collar!

HBO Girls Style: Marnie

HBO Girls Style: Marnie

Marnie is always polished, put-together, and dresses about 5 years older than the other girls. I wanted to pay tribute to her power-woman look but balance her classic dress with a contemporary boyfriend blazer. Who knows, perhaps Booth Jonathan will return in Season 2 and help Marnie let her hair down…

Are you aboard the Girls train, or are you not a fan? Which character, if any, do you identify with? Is it just about style, or does it extend to personality?


5 thoughts on “Style Inspiration under $49: HBO’s Girls

  1. This show is on my list of “shows to start watching because I’ve heard so much about them.” Not to mention it did so well at the Golden Globes. I really love the look you created for Marnie!

  2. So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I am obsessed with this show. I practically leaped off the couch when Lena (yes, we’re on a first name basis) & the rest of the cast accepted Golden Globes.

    Jessa’s look is my favorite.



    • Aww, that’s so cool! I missed watching the Golden Globes live, but I’ve been meaning to find a video of Lena online. I’m so glad you liked Jessa’s look! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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