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I’m a Lumberjack, and I’m Okay!

Maison Scotch checked shirt, checked shirt, leather vest, Frye boots, Lucy boots, Sanfranista outfit, EmbarcaderoMaison Scotch shirt (similar here), Spyder vest (also here), Target pants (thrift), Frye “Lucy” boots

In San Francisco, it’s as cliche as prep school girls wearing pearls, but I’m proud of my substantial plaid shirt arsenal. From heavy wool flannel to feather-weight cotton, I turn to my checked shirts when I’m at an outfit impasse. I love them over cocktail dresses as a funky jacket alternative, but they’re most at home when paired with skinny jeans and hefty boots.

My husband calls these my “fake hiker boots,” but these Fryes are actually as practical as their heavy laces and lug soles suggest. I mean, I wouldn’t actually wear them hiking, but I can traverse miles of concrete in these suckers. There’s something about taking construction-style boots and adding a heel that I just love. Call me kooky!

I hadn’t planned on doing outfit photos that night (hence the zero makeup- eek!), but I had some nervous energy to burn before The Crucible’s fashion show. Jim and I enjoyed an exotic meal at Chipotle (the best pre-runway prep, am I right?) and stopped for a few photos before journeying to West Oakland for the show. I love the Embarcadero area at night, after the business crowds have cleared out and the area is quiet and full of lights.

I may look a little like a lumberjack, but at least I’m a well-dressed one.

Frye Lucy boots, lace-up boots, cuffed jeans, cuffed jeans with boots, leather bootsMaison Scotch checked shirt, checked shirt, leather vest, Sanfranista outfit, EmbarcaderoMaison Scotch checked shirt, checked shirt, leather vest, Frye boots, Lucy boots, Sanfranista outfit, Embarcadero


5 thoughts on “I’m a Lumberjack, and I’m Okay!

  1. There’s definitely nothing wrong with looking like a lumberjack. I really need to expand my plaid shirt collection (just kidding, I shouldn’t be shopping) but there really is no such thing as too much plaid. You know how to rock it.

    I have a pair of wedges with treads on the bottom and I keep insisting that they’re perfect for hiking, mainly because of the treads. This gets me tons of eye-rolling, but then again my friends are probably right to do so. 😛

  2. If you’re really a lumberjack, where’s your suspendies? Seems suspicious to me. Until we hear back from the California Registry of Lumberjacks, though, I guess you’re off the hook, especially since you’ve got that sweet puffy vest.

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