For the Locals: Minotaurs, Pillars of Fire, and Seriously High Fashion at The Crucible’s Hot Couture

Last night, I stood in my bra and underwear in a dark apartment on the border of Chinatown wallpapered with photos and sketches of women in corsets and lingerie. An older woman I’d never met sat at a large computer screen, chuckling as she read Facebook statuses aloud. A large white cat paced behind me as I stood in the middle of the room, holding up half of a corset to my torso. The woman kneeling in front of me talked about pillars of fire and a minotaur with a flaming sword.

Basically, it was a typical fitting for a runway model for The Crucible’s Hot Couture show.

Tomorrow evening, West Oakland will be taken over by “a fusion of fashion and fire” as The Crucible presents its 2012 Hot Couture show. For my fashion-phobic readers (hi, Dad!), “hot couture” is a play on “haute couture” (pronounced similarly), also known as “high fashion” or custom clothing. It’s big, it’s extreme, and it’s hot (sorry, I had to!).

The materials behind the looks in this show range from stained glass to forged metal to latex and beyond. There will be dancers, there will be aerialists, and most importantly, there will be lots and lots of fire.

So, if you find yourself in West Oakland  on Friday or Saturday, grab a ticket and come see us. I’ll be walking in the last show- look for the girl in a corset and metal skirt. Actually, that might not narrow things down very much!

I’m not entirely sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be badass.

Image sources: East Bay Express, It Clips, The Crucible.


2 thoughts on “For the Locals: Minotaurs, Pillars of Fire, and Seriously High Fashion at The Crucible’s Hot Couture

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