New Year’s Resolutions, inside & out

Every year since I turned 13, I’ve made 10 New Year’s resolutions. The following year, I go through my old resolutions before I write new ones and evaluate how well I’ve done on them. Some resolutions have obnoxiously carried over year after year *cough*daily yoga*cough*, but I’ve been able to cross some off for good, which feels amazing.

My resolutions are usually self-confidence and relationship-related, but I’ve had change in my appearance shift into something deeper. Even though the resolutions were technically about changing a superficial part of myself, I was surprised at the lasting internal transformations. Who knows, they might do the same for you!

Sanfranista's hair transformation

Sarah’s haircuts: June 2006, July 2006, September 2012

Resolution #1: Cut your hair. I’m the first to admit that I can be a bit evangelical about “a pixie cut for every woman!” after a glass or two of champagne, but a haircut of any sort can be transformational. Whether it’s adding long layers or chopping off fourteen inches, a change can be refreshing and inspiring.

Again, short-hair bias here, but I truly became a different person when I cut off all my hair. I had hid behind my “trademark” princess curls and accompanying shyness for years, and making the chop forced me to come out of my shell and figure out who I was.

NYR Lip CollageResolution #2: Wear bright lipstick. In high school, I was super self-conscious about being skinny and having large lips (I know, WTF?). I avoided lipstick well into my twenties, afraid that I would look like a clown. It took working near the cosmetics department at Nordstrom and being goaded by a beautiful man from Chanel before I was willing to try something bold. Now, if I’m having an off day, a swipe of fuchsia is a guaranteed game-changer.

Resolution #3: Find a tailor. This is one resolution that I need to call myself out on neglecting. I’ve been afraid to take the plunge and pony up the cost, but I’ve never regretted having a good pair of jeans or dress tailored to fit my body. Personal tailoring can be the difference between a pretty dress and a knockout frock that looks couture. My confidence goes way up when I feel like the clothes fit my body, not the other way around.

woman heart

Resolution #4: Shop for the body you have, not the one you want. I’m guilty of squeezing myself into too-tight pants because I refuse to acknowledge that my hips are not my circa 2006 hips. Even though there’s nothing wrong with wanting to get in shape and be healthy, it’s unfair to punish your body by expecting it to look the way it did before. I mean, my mind is no longer the mind I had when I was 17 (thank God), so I shouldn’t expect my body to be, either.

Resolution #5: Know (and be) thyself. For all my advocacy for shaking things up, there’s so much worth in knowing yourself, your style, and what makes you feel amazing. Trends can be fun, but forcing yourself into something that’s not “you” or makes you feel uncomfortable never works out. Get inspiration where you will, but just do you.

Happy New Year, everyone!


4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions, inside & out

  1. I love hearing the story behind your sexy pixie-cut, you carry it so well, I never would have imagined it wasn’t always part of your style! Hair changes can be terrifying, but so essential to discovery and reinvention. I went through an 8 year period where my hair was short to super short and I didn’t have the patience to grow it out — I would get so frustrated with the shoulder-length “in between” phase and chop it again. About 2 1/2 years ago I finally invested in hair extensions — I’m talking about waist long, wavy mermaid hair extensions. It was a total transformation — I felt like a different person and gained so much self confidence. I kept them in for a year while my hair grew out, and while I know this sounds silly and superficial, I will insist to my grave it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
    Great post — keep up the good work in 2013! xoxo

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