Inspiration: Après-ski Chic

Après-ski Chic

Back when I lived in Minnesota, I spend the winters completely surrounded by snow and cold. We’d rejoice when the temperature rose over 20 degrees and shudder when it plunged back down with flurries to match. Now that I’m in San Francisco, snow is several hours away and is incredibly alluring (careful what you wish for, right?). My first San Francisco Christmas was certainly merry and bright, but I still want my belated white Christmas!

So, Jim and I decided to head to Tahoe this weekend to plunge headfirst into snow (me literally, him figuratively). Although we might not do any actual skiing, there will be plenty of showshoeing and at least several major snowball fights. There’s nothing more satisfying than a freezing day out in the snow followed by a hot shower, a little lipstick, and hot grown-up drinks by a fire.

As I started to pack my bags full of wool socks and ski hats, I wanted to find the perfect outfit to wear out after a snow day while sipping a hot toddy in a pub and defrosting my feet. The Petty boots are comfortable and let your feet stretch after being crammed into boots, and the cozy Rag & Bone sweater and velvet leggings (yes, velvet) have enough give to allow for a serving (or two) skiier’s-appetite french fries and hot chocolate. And since cute ski hats are the perfect excuse to forgo the blow-drier, I included one of those too!

I tell ya, I can’t wait to get out there and freeze my butt off.


3 thoughts on “Inspiration: Après-ski Chic

  1. This is perfect since for the majority of my time in Turkey I’ll have to wear pants. I need to stock up on those accessories and maybe I can find a hat I can actually pull off. 😛

    Have fun with all the snow and stay warm! I couldn’t imagine the holidays without it either. 🙂

    • I think you’d be so cute in a hat! I really like the smaller ones that fit snugly- I can’t pull off the baggier ones that are popular right now. I can’t believe your trip is so close 🙂

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