3 Non-Awkward Ways to Channel Gossip Girl Style

With last night marking the series finale of my beloved Gossip Girl, I wanted to pay tribute to the show that launched much of my fascination with fashion. Despite its controversial moments (OMFG ad campagin! Teenagers having sex! Drugs and murder! People coming back from the dead!), the show has withstood the test of pop culture and time, and I’m sad to see it go. I’ve written before about how its fashion has inspired me, and I know it will continue to do so even post-syndication.

Here are three of my favorite looks from the show, with Polyvore collages to match. Enjoy!

Gossip Girl Style - Serena

It’s no secret that Serena is my favorite character on the show, and Blake Lively is one of my top fashion icons. I love the clean simplicity of this look above, especially when accented with plaid pants (they’re not just for Halloween anymore!). They keep the look from being too plain or stuffy and add just the right amount of fun.

Gossip Girl Style - Prep School Brights

Gossip Girl Style – Prep School Brights

How can I write about Gossip Girl fashion without delving back into its school uniform roots? I love how the show transformed from high school drama-fest through graduation and into stylish adulthood. These girls take classic prep school style and add some major twists with serious pops of color and can’t-miss argyle socks.

Gossip Girl Style - Sequins & Gold

You wouldn’t think I would endorse the wearing of shoulder pads outside of 80’s night, but this snazzy blazer defies fashion logic. I love sequins for daytime, and this ensemble is eye-catching without being overly flashy. Anchor it with sensible yet stylish flats!

What are your favorite Gossip Girl fashion moments?


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