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Five Quick Snaps

Three wise men. #sanfrancisco #christmas

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Dancing light. Hyatt Regency #sanfrancisco

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Powell Street #sanfrancisco #instamood #christmas

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Cheer & style @jonathanadler #sanfrancisco.

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Gee, it's a tree! @macys #sanfrancisco #instagood

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I’ve been making a lot of confessions on here lately, but I think it’s already time for another one. It’s hard to admit, but life is all about honesty and taking chances. I love the Christmas season, and I really get into it. We have a 7-foot tree in our apartment this year, which is somewhat insane given that my husband and I live in a 350-ish-square-foot studio. Even though that’s a bit strange, it’s not my confession. Ok, here goes…

I have Christmas carols in my head in a near-continuous loop all year round.

I’m serious. I’ve always loved Christmas music, but over time the gap between Christmas carol time and non-carol time shortened and shortened until it became practically nonexistent. Occasionally I’ll catch myself humming “Sleigh Ride” (my favorite) in July, but I usually don’t even notice unless my husband starts harrumphing.

You’d think that these constant carols would make me resent this season, but I somehow still love it. It’s the one time of year that I don’t have to stifle my urge to hum a few bars of “Frosty the Snowman” while on the bus. I guess I’m just jolly like that.

one.  The trio of wreaths down the street that I’ve dubbed “the Three Wise Men.”

two.  The incredible snowy display in the Hyatt Regency downtown. It’s the largest hotel atrium in the US, and it’s well worth a visit to see their holiday display. Sitting downstairs in the bar feels like a combination of walking in a winter wonderland and being a passenger on the Millennium Falcon.

three.  Yeah, yeah, I know- cable car photos are so “San Francisco for Dummies.” But there’s just something about the cable car turnaround on Powell Street that draws me in. You couldn’t pay me enough to wait in the three-hour line to actually ride one, though.

four.  Window display at Jonathan Adler on Fillmore Street. The paper garland reminds me of the chains I used to make for advent- tear one off every day until Christmas!

five.  Jim is incapable of having a photo taken of him without either making a goober face or a fake-crying face. Sadly, I don’t think he’ll ever be able to make it as a male model. But life goes on.

What are the signs of the season that you notice? What images of this time of year are the most iconic for you?


3 thoughts on “Five Quick Snaps

  1. Love the photos! Wow your tree must look awesome! I don’t have Christmas songs in my head too much, but sometimes find myself singing them out-of-season too. We substitute something about my dog in the songs, like instead of “Jingle Bell Rock” it becomes “Cutey Dog Rock” Lol. I love poinsettias this time of year.

    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only off-season caroler! I love your comment about the dog-themes carols- I used to do that all the time with guinea pigs back when they were living with us 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!


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