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Lady in Red

Modcloth coat with shimmer tights and black boots Modcloth coat (similar here), thrifted skirt, Anne Klein tights (via DSW), Matisse boots (similar here), Chanel Rouge Allure in Dazzling and Stila Luxe Gloss in Kitten on lips

I have a confession. Despite being a major fashion and makeup lover (no, really?), I’ve always shied away from nail polish of any kind. It always felt gaudy and unnatural on my hands, but I envied women who wore polish effortlessly and changed it with their mood or their outfit.

Last week, I went with one of my friends to get a gel manicure. I put my misgivings about UV lights and alien conspiracy theories aside and decided to take the plunge. Any regular manicure I attempted in the past died an untimely chipped death, and gel polish’s staying power is supposedly klutz-proof (so, hopefully Sarah-proof).

My fashionable friend gently suggested that I stray from my dark grey or wussy beige preferences and go for a true red for the holidays, a move that I had never dared to attempt. Committing to a bold, striking red for a month– how could I?! I’ll confess that I was stricken with something close to horror after the polish was dry and ten crimson harlots danced on my hands. I felt foreign, conspicuous, awkward- and I was stuck with it.

Within the hour, however, the shock had worn off and boldness set in. I somehow transformed into a classy woman, the kind who had her nails done and wore a coat other than army surplus when the weather got chilly. The nails led to a string of bold fashion and beauty moves, from wearing blush for the first time (that’s a whole other story) to buying this beautiful coat that just so happens to match my nails.

I know the polish won’t last forever, and I’ll probably try something more tame next time. But for the next two weeks, I get to be the lady in red, and it feels good.

Modcloth Sky Caper CoatModcloth Sky Caper CoatClose-up of red Modcloth coat and grey skirt layering


5 thoughts on “Lady in Red

    • So far, so good- it’s been 8 days so far, and there are no chips to speak of, and the shine hasn’t dulled at all. You inspired me to take photos as time goes on to document how well they last!

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