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That 70’s Show

70's-inspired outfit by SanfranistacAbi floral shirt (similar here), even vest, J Brand cords (denim version here), Banana Republic panama hat, Anthropologie shoes, Fresh Suger Lip Treatment in Rose on lips

Usually, I turn to the 20’s and the 60’s for bygone-era inspiration when putting an outfit together. I love the sheaths, the closely-cropped pixie cuts, and the big eye makeup. Basically, perusing photos from those eras is a pleasant little exercise in narcissism, and I never fail to find images that I identify with and aspire to. Recently, however, I’ve been unfaithful to my go-to eras and flirting with the 70’s.

It started with these Ali McGraw-inspired Love Story cords (I told the crazy story about finding them a few months ago) and gained strength through my love of fun patterns and chunky knits. I didn’t set out to create a 70’s-inspired outfit, but it just kinda happened, and I’m digging it. I must say, I think it looks better than the awful tie-dyed ensembles I wore on 70’s day during Homecoming Spirit Week. Ugh.

I was also excited to find that my Banana Republic hat still feels flattering, even though my fabulous hairstylist chopped off 3″ of hair last Friday (believe it!). So, my pixie friends, I fully endorse this hat as friendly to all hair lengths. And that’s pretty awesome.

70's-inspired outfit by Sanfranista

Anthropologie shoes and J Brand cords70's-inspired outfit by SanfranistaBanana Republic Panama Hat


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