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Hats Off on the Ferry Ride

Banana Republic hat, Forever 21 sweater, Ferry RidePort of San Francisco ferry buildingBanana Republic Panama Hat, Forever 21 sweater, Gap cords, Cole Haan boots (last seen here)

Of course, being me, I chose to debut my daring, brand-new hat while riding on a windy ferry. As my husband would say, I have never been burdened by practicality (I have been [mis]quoted as saying that I don’t “do” jackets). But I was quite excited to take my hat on its maiden voyage (pun not actually intended) when Jim and I took the ferry to visit family in Marin.

As a long-term pixie-haired girl, I’ve always shied away from anything that covers up too much of my hair for fear of taking the androgynous thing into cross-dressing territory. To my surprise, this Banana Republic hat is the perfect slightly shrunken version of the supersized floppy hats that only look good on doll-like waifs with Blake Lively hair. Finally, a pixie-friendly topper!

With just a little bit of my bangs peeking out, I felt confident I wouldn’t be mistaken for a man in lip gloss. I styled the rest of the outfit via A Pair and a Spare’s three-color outfit rule by adding my trusty tan and oxblood to the mix. Even though the hat only stayed on my head until the ferry departed and the winds picked up, I have a feeling it’s here to stay.

Ferry Ride Sanfranista3Ferry Ride Sanfranista2

Ferry Ride Sanfranista4Jim's camera on the ferry ride

A sailboat in the San Francisco bay fogBanana Republic hat, Forever 21 sweater, Gap cords


5 thoughts on “Hats Off on the Ferry Ride

  1. That hat really is the perfect floppy hat for your pixie cut! I love the dark, romantic shade of burgundy. I saw something familiar at H&M a few weeks ago and I was tempted to get it. Then I reminded myself that I’m not a hat person and I would just look silly. 😛

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  3. you are just about the cutest thing! i haven’t been the biggest fan of pixie cuts, but it suits you sooo amazingly well!

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