Five Quick Snaps

Apple pie with maple leaf cutout 🙂

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Port of #sanfrancisco at the Ferry Building. #city #downtown

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The #Fairmont #sanfrancisco, all decked out in #Christmas lights.

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Happy Thanksgiving! #centerpiece

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#sanfrancisco #goldengate #fog #ferry #iphoneography

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one. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a homemade apple pie! The deformed-looking cutout in the middle was supposed to be a fall leaf. Just squint really hard, and you might be able to see it!

two. I love the “Port of San Francisco” sign at the ferry building. I used to see it arriving in from Marin as a child, and it still evokes that same sense of excitement and homecoming as an adult.

three. The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. The first beautiful lights of the season always send a tingle down my spine, and I love the Fairmont’s take here… Simultaneously jolly and classy!

four. Who says you can’t have a full, formal Thanksgiving dinner in a table-less studio apartment? Just wrangle a giant table up from the laundry room in your basement, buy secondhand table linens off of Craigslist, and use your bed as bench seating. Voila! And yes, that’s a can of cranberry sauce that Jim added as his contribution to the centerpiece.

five. I love these picture of a picture photos. For the first few years of our relationship, the only photos I had of my camera-shy husband were of him in photographer mode. He’s more comfortable now and ready with a goofy photo grin, but snapshots like this make me smile as they bring me back in time.

Happy Monday!


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