Five Quick Snaps: Minnesota Edition

Minnesota, here I come!

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Last Thursday, I boarded a plane and flew 2,000 miles to visit my family back in the Midwest. I’m writing from their desktop computer right now (I think it’s my first time on a non-laptop since 2010), and I’m soaking up the warmth from the fireplace and the smells of a real dinner being prepared by someone else. It’s cold here compared to San Francisco (26º at this writing), and I hadn’t realized how much I missed the concrete reminder of impending winter until I stepped outside and felt that chill.

I love my home church back in Minnesota. #marriageforall

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Banana Republic friends & family sale 🙂

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Perfect hat, found at Banana Republic

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one. Above is my view just before taking off from SFO, heading for the frozen north.

two. A flag outside my home church in the suburbs of Minneapolis, celebrating the defeat of the anti-marriage bill last week.

three. Life is good when you have a friend who works at Banana Republic during the friends & family sale!

four. The perfect elusive burgundy hat, snagged at aforementioned sale. Outfit post to follow!

five. One of my favorite prints created by my grandfather, an art professor and printmaker. I like how it I accidentally captured my reflection as well when snapping the photo.

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