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Crochet and Cutoffs in Old Sacramento

H&M Crochet Top in Old Sacramento1H&M crochet top, DIY Gap jean shorts, Franco Sarto sandals (see them again here), Burberry Lip Mist in Feather Pink on lips

Even though it’s November, the Bay Area still gets bits of Indian summer to convince us that our calendars are wrong. San Francisco’s warmth is relative given that the temperature rarely rises above 70 degrees, but Sacramento is another story. When visiting the area for a friend’s wedding, Jim and I drove around Old Sacramento and explored the boardwalk full of nostalgic Ye Old Shoppes. It reminded me of Manitou Springs, the quaint small town in Colorado just outside of where I went to college. It’s touristy, sure, but the Old West feels alive here.

I wear shorts without tights one in a blue moon, but a 90 degree October day certainly called for an exception to any rule. I love how the crocheted tunic grazes the edge of the shorts, allowing just the smallest sliver of shredded denim to poke through. Jim refuses to wear shorts on any occasion, but he didn’t complain despite his dark denim.

I know it’s back to sweaters and scarves from here on out, so I hope you enjoy this taste of warmer weather as much as I did.

Jim in Old SacramentoOld Sacramento Booth & Co.

H&M Crochet Top in Old Sacramento2


4 thoughts on “Crochet and Cutoffs in Old Sacramento

  1. I’m pretty jealous of all the warm(er) weather over on the west coast! I miss the days of sandals and shorts now that the weather is getting to the low 50’s and high 40’s.

    Old Sacramento looks awesome! I love the feel of all the buildings and it makes me want to walk around the town with some cowboy boots. 😛

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