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A Little Bit Grunge, a Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock & Roll

Vintage Flannel Shirt (see it styled differently here), Express Jeans (circa 2002), ATM T-shirt, Crossroads Sunglasses, Forever 21 Booties

It’s amazing how a year without a car can make driving fun again. On the way back from Sacramento (photos coming later this week!), Jim suggested we take a windy road through the mountains on our way to visit family in Sonoma. I hadn’t been in mountains of any kind since I moved away from Colorado, and it was so powerful and comforting to be in their midst again.

We pulled over at Lake Berryessa and walked down to the shore. My booties were much sturdier than I had anticipated, although I wouldn’t recommend them for more strenuous trekking! It was late enough in the season that the lake was deserted and completely, wonderfully silent.

It was truly a meld of past and present, evoking memories of the countless cross-country drives that Jim and I made when our relationship was new and entirely long-distance. We used to drive together across the Great Plains over and over again as we traversed the country between Chicago and Colorado Springs. My outfit was even an accidental past-meets-present tribute- I’ve owned these jeans for exactly a decade, and my brand-new booties were on their maiden voyage.

As much as I love San Francisco, getting away into the county revived me in a way I hadn’t even known I needed. I love the city for its vibrancy and constant movement, but occasionally, I just need some peace.

Flannel and Sunglasses at Lake Berryessa-001

Forever 21 Studded Booties at Lake Berryessa-001

Jim at Lake Berryessa-001

Western Redbud at Lake Berryessa


6 thoughts on “A Little Bit Grunge, a Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock & Roll

  1. There’s nothing like escaping from the city and getting some much needed peace and quiet. It’s amazing being surrounded by the sound of nature and nothing else. I always thought I would be a great city person but it turns out I miss driving too much. I miss nature too much.

    It’s nice that you had a mix of old and new in your outfit to remind you of both. And look at that – you two match in your plaid shirts. 😉

    • I can only imagine how overwhelming living in Manhattan can be! We were considering moving there instead of SF, but I don’t think I would have been able to thrive there.

      Your comment about the plaid made me smile, since it happens fairly often for us! At least Jim refuses to wear studded booties, or we’d be one of “those couples” who dress identically 😉

  2. Even though I’m an admitted city snob, there’s nothing quite as revitalizing as getting away! Wish I did it more. It’s nice to be reminded how other people go about their lives just like I go about mine.

    I love that t-shirt making multiple reappearances, and it looks great with the shirt and boots.

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