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Five Quick Snaps


Photos taken with Sanfranista’s Instagram

Starting today, I’d like to take time weekly to share bits and pieces of the day-to-day beauty that I get to experience by living here. I rarely have my “real” camera with me, so all these snaps come through my iPhone while I’m traveling around San Francisco. I’m always partial to views of the skyline, but I also love to capture a beautiful storefront or small things I find along the way. What are the details you notice throughout your day?

Above, pastel buildings with a stripey awning steal my heart every time. I love the Fillmore Street area in Pacific Heights for its classic beauty and boutique-y charm. Below, I’m very rarely in the Potrero Hill area, but this view gives me reason enough to return.


I can’t ever get used to the criss-crossed, spiderweb pattern of the electric bus cables. They’re always make me think of Terminator for some reason- am I the only one? Love it.


Who said BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit, for you out-of-towners) can’t be beautiful?

View to the west from Rockridge BART at sunset

If I had to choose a favorite nighttime neighborhood in the city, I’d probably grimace and adopt a martyred expression (“How could I ever choose?!?”), but this image would almost certainly pop into my mind. It’s one block  from a historic beat poet bar, Chinese food that will blow your mind, a super-swanky champagne lounge, and the best dive karaoke bar… ever.

North Beach at NightHave a beautiful weekend, everyone!

Listening: “Underwater” – Metric


2 thoughts on “Five Quick Snaps

  1. My favorite pictures is definitely the one of the criss-crossed cables! Are they really everywhere in the city? I haven’t been there since I was a little girl (I used to live in Daly City) so I have barely any memory of SF. I’m loving these little snapshots of your life though. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like the snapshots, Jen! The cables are in much of the north half of the city, but these crazy webs only exist in big junctions where multiple bus lines come in. I keep expecting to look up and see Spiderman 🙂

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