There Will Be Pumpkins

Sarah in the Petaluma Pumpkin Patch mazeToday, I’m giving you a break from our regularly scheduled fashion programming to pay my respects to the most important part of fall. I spent all of last weekend in pumpkin patches, running through corn mazes and discovering that there is a type of gourd that could find work as an octopus stunt double. I dressed in nothing more exciting than jeans and a wool shirt (fine, a vintage Pendleton), and it seemed silly to feature such a straight-forward outfit when I could showcase the glory of the patches themselves. I’ll be returning to my regular outfit posts this week, but I hope you enjoy my happy diversion.

Thankfully, the Children of the Corn did not crash our 10-foot-tall corn maze expedition. Even though it was 2 PM and I was surrounded by happy, non-homicidal families, I kept expecting one to pop out riding the alien from Signs. Methinks it’s time to switch to comedies.

Petaluma Corn MazeI blatantly disobeyed the first part of Rule #2 on the sign below. It was awesome.

Do Not Throw the CornYou had to be under the age of 12 to get a photo on the tractor. #lifeisrough

Petaluma Pumpkin Patch TractorYou know you live in San Francisco when you forget that the temperature rises above 65 degrees in some parts of the world.

Please note the octogourd below, which manages to be both creepy and awesome.

And finally, a day well spent, we returned to the fog.
Are there any other fellow pumpkin patch lovers? How do you celebrate the arrival of fall?


2 thoughts on “There Will Be Pumpkins

  1. Under 12 to get on the tractor? Sounds lame. I would have gotten on it anyway. THAT’S LIKE THE BEST PART. And that corn maze sounds fun! When I was little, I remember running through one with my friend. I want to do that again, eep!

    I really love pumpkin patches, but haven’t been to one yet. I feel like so many bloggers have taken pictures at them and that I’m the only one who hasn’t. I just don’t know where any are around here! Pumpkins are so cute. Cutest vegetable ever, in fact.

    Haha, but this is such a fun post, and you’re adorable! And your comment on my blog made my day. You’re way too sweet and thoughtful (and I’m sorry that technology ate your post… arg, happens more times than it should, right?!). 🙂

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