What I Want: Versatile Booties Under $160

Sam Edelman “Petty” in British Burgundy

I’ve already waxed poetic about the importance of flat boots in a woman’s wardrobe, particularly if her stomping grounds involve hills steep enough to induce looks of terror on the faces of wayward tourists. Honestly, I don’t understand why visitor’s maps of San Francisco refuse to include elevation changes. But I digress. Taking my own advice, my shoe collection consists entirely of:

  • tall, flat boots that are wonderful unless the thermometer rises over 70, in which case they’re a recipe for sweaty calves
  • beautiful stiletto heels that look dead sexy but that I cannot physically wear for more than 30 minutes at a time
  • flip-flops

I’m sorely lacking booties, the ingenious solution that combines the comfort and style of tall boots with the versatility of a basic flat. Wear them with tights, wear them with skinny jeans (cropped or rolled or neither), wear them with those tough-to-style wide-leg pants that make stilettos or dainty flats look hilarious. Basically, wear them with anything. They just work.

Luxury Rebel Fleur Lace-Up, Sam Edelman Lisle, Sam Edelman Salina, Steven by Steve Madden "Fairlow"

Clockwise from upper left: Luxury Rebel “Fleur” Lace-Up, Sam Edelman “Lisle” in Olive, Sam Edelman “Salina” in Black Suede, Steven by Steve Madden “Fairlow” in Black

If I had a never-ending bootie budget (ok, I giggled as I wrote that), I would add these four picks above into my shopping cart along with the Petty. I’m drawn to booties that look like they’ve been around the block, in faded shades and relaxed styles that fit the rest of my wardrobe. These beautiful booties (giggled again) will live solely in my imaginary closet for now, but I have my eye on them.


4 thoughts on “What I Want: Versatile Booties Under $160

    • Good question, Sona! You definitely can, especially above-the-knee skirts with or without tights. Choosing lower-cut booties like these and pairing them with tights in a similar color keeps legs looking long.

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