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Casual Thursday: Olive blazer, boyfriend jeans, basic tee, Tecate

Last night, I joined my good friend Sabrina of The Perils of Urban Courtship in the heart of Nob Hill for some wine, cookies, and preparation for her gig as a dating blogger/event leader. In exchange for some styling tips and a makeup application (not that she needed it!), she snapped some photos of my lazy Thursday ensemble.

I plan to chronicle my search for the perfect weekend jeans in a future post, but for now I’ll just say that after trying dozens of jeans at a variety of price levels, I came back to Gap. Yes, the same Gap that dressed you in khakis and white crew-neck t-shirts when you were in middle school (or dressed you up in their love about a decade ago). I’ve been living in these boyfriend jeans ever since I snagged them for 30% off (yeah Labor Day sale!).

I can’t take credit for finding the jacket, since a wardrobe stylist introduced me to it on a recent photo shoot with photographer Faran Najafi of She styled it in a super-edgy, rocker-chick way, but I love how it can be interpreted as an everyday piece. Here’s the result of that photoshoot, by the way. Hard to believe it’s the same jacket!

I can’t pull off that sort of look every day, but I love that the jacket works with looks ranging from high fashion all the way to downright casual. The highly tailored fit balances my loose-fitting t-shirt and the jeans to keep it from veering into I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-couldn’t-be-bothered territory. I’m pretty sure that look only works on Blake Lively and the Olsen twins.

This face happened after a passerby walked past on her cell phone and loudly announced, “Hang on, some dumb girls are taking pictures and I have to go around them.” And a lovely day to you as well, madam!

Sabrina and I parted ways when it was time for her to head to her San Francisco singles event. On my end, I left for a black-tie soiree in which I drank the finest champagne while hob-nobbing with the who’s who of San Francisco.

And by that, I mean I met some friends in the Mission at Delerium to drink $2 Tecate and stuff myself with garlic noodles and pupusas from a street cart.

Jacket: Pyramid Collection
Jeans: Gap
T-shirt: ATM, c/o Glamour Fashion
Booties: Born Concept
Bag: Coach
Sunglasses: Crossroads


3 thoughts on “Casual Thursday: Olive blazer, boyfriend jeans, basic tee, Tecate

  1. I love the way the shoes bring this outfit together. With the cropped/rolled up jeans, the shoes give it a nice dressy and feminine kick – plus, those shoes are just amazing. I’m curious to know what else you’d pair them with.

    (Thanks for the blog shout-out too!)

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