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Braving the Bars: Goodwill Sheath, Guitar Watch, Buckled Boots

Last Friday night, a few of my friends and I gathered for wine, conversation, and my grand failed attempt at crock pot red beans & rice. You know you have true friends when they hide their grimaces behind a smile and choke down a bowl of what’s essentially well-seasoned Playdoh. I’ll leave any advice about the culinary arts to the fabulous Angela at OhSheGlows and stick to fashion, yes?

After a glass of wine, I predictably hauled out my train case of makeup to thrust upon my unsuspecting friends. After every member of our party was wearing the same smoky eye and bold lip color (hey, why mess with what works?), we were ready for our journey into the night.

To venture out to the bars, I chose a grey-on-black ensemble that I knew would stand up to potential spilled mojitos and sticky bar seats. The tunic was new (to me), as I had snapped it up earlier in the afternoon. I always swing by my neighborhood Goodwill on Fridays to check out the selection, and rarely have I been disappointed. Trust me, you haven’t been to a Goodwill until you’ve been to the Goodwill in Lower Pacific Heights. Think about the people who live in Pacific Heights (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, this graphic from The Bold Italic says it well), and then think about the things they give away. Yep.

I was in a dress-like-you-live-in-SoHo mood, so I stuck with a monochromatic theme, adding black opaque tights and my trusty buckle boots that take me everywhere.

I have a hard time leaving a simple outfit alone, so I added my beloved Marc by Marc Jacobs guitar watch and my favorite cross-body chain bag. My best friend from college converted me to the wonders of cross-body bags for nights out, and I haven’t burdened my husband’s pockets with my belongings since.

And a girl really shouldn’t have a fun night out without a pair of dangly earrings. I rarely think of jewelry when I’m putting an outfit together, but these earrings are instant fun in plastic form. And yes, I’m aware that I have an equilateral triangle of moles on my face.

The night ended with a bag of Goldfish crackers, which is pretty much an automatic win. I smell (taste?) a tradition in the making.

Tunic: Goodwill (originally Francesca’s Collection)
Tights: H&M
Boots: DSW
Bag: Urban Outfitters
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Earrings: The Icing
Lip color: Guerlain


One thought on “Braving the Bars: Goodwill Sheath, Guitar Watch, Buckled Boots

  1. sonap19 says:

    For the record, it did not taste like well-seasoned Play-doh, it tasted delicious. And I definitely need to hit up the Goodwill in PacHeights. I’ve found some gems at Crossroads in the Castro too.

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