As if I needed one more reason to love Marc Jacobs.

I watched the Marc Jacobs fashion show today. Live. True, I was wearing my boyfriend jeans and a cardigan while sitting in my office in San Francisco instead of ringside in NYC, but I’m going to go ahead and say that it still counts.

I sat, slack-jawed, as model after model stepped out wearing a season’s worth of pieces that made me wish I had a big old American Express card with no limit standing by. Ok, I’d probably have some remorse the next day, but the collection is just THAT good. I’ve already expressed my love of 60’s mod silhouettes and thigh-grazing hemlines, and Mr. Jacobs was kind enough to create a collection just for me. Ok, not really, but a girl can dream! And on top of that, he even streamed it live. Now, there’s a true gentleman.

This article in 7×7 gets into more detail about how and why a company called Bumebox is changing the industry by taking down some of the walls that have kept fashion lovers-but-not-insiders at bay during Fashion Week. It’s one thing to read the post-show play-by-play and quite another to experience it in real time, as I did today. Given Marc Jacobs’s down-to-earth way of relating to his devotees, it’s no surprise he was in the first wave of designers to bring this technology on board.

I can’t get enough of the crispness of the designs, both in the cut as well as the patterns of the fabric. It’s the ultimate cool-without-trying-too-hard, a look that most of us aspire to even if we don’t always achieve it. I can easily swoon over much of the art at fashion week, but rarely do I see something that feels so wearable. These pieces themselves may be out of my reach until my income quintuples, but for now I’ll take it in as inspiration.


One thought on “As if I needed one more reason to love Marc Jacobs.

  1. These all look yummy! I love your writing style Sarah — really cool insight into fashion and life in the Bay. I’ve added your blog to my bay area blogger roll, and am looking forward to staying in touch! Let me know if you want to get coffee sometime =)

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