WANT: Vince Camuto “Winchell”

From the 2012 Vince Camuto campaign

I have a confession that’s a bit odd for a fashion blogger (can I really give myself that title after two posts? Oh well, I’m going for it!). I very, very rarely buy new pieces when they’re in season. Don’t mistake me- I pride myself on staying on top of the newest trends and staying present in the wider world of fashion. But honestly, I buy most of what’s in my closet by scouring piles of last season’s styles and picking what works for me.

I can appreciate the thrill of nabbing that perfect bag that you just saw in the most recently issue of Vogue or on the side of a bus downtown. I really can. But for now, I need to work with my bank account and not against it. Truthfully, I get a miserly thrill out of finding something truly amazing at a major discount. I’m smiling a goober-y grin of nostalgic pride as I type this, remembering back to December 2010, when I nabbed the coveted Gilgarran boots from Anthropologie during the single day that they dropped to 75% off and then sold out. Yep, that was one for the ages.

That said, occasionally I see something that makes me throw my budget-friendly notions straight out the window, down the hill, and splashing into the bay. It’s rare, but when it happens…

It’s love.


When I saw these Winchell boots by Vince Camuto when paging through Elle, I knew I had to have them. The moto style, combined with the delicate gold hardware and the very hill-friendly flat style, made my eyes pop out and sent my hand grabbing for my iPhone.

They aren’t officially out until September 25th, but until then, they’re dancing in my head, sometimes paired with bright red tights and a black t-shirt dress, other times rocking out with my gold sequined Parker minidress.

Well done, Vince Camuto. You’re made a devotee out of me, and I haven’t even felt them on my feet (yet).


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