It’s Friday night

…and I have nothing to wear. Cue the skeptical look from my husband as he stares into the crammed closet that’s impossibly large for a San Francisco studio. Dozens of jackets compete for space with dresses galore and more jeans than I care to admit I own. My shoe collection could always use some work, but there’s an array of boots, both flat and heeled, along with sandals, pumps, the necessary ballet flat, and one strange disco-fabulous pair of glitter spike heels I’ve never worn.

“Seriously, Sarah? Nothing?”

My actual, absurdly cluttered closet. I'm baring my soul here, ok?

My actual, absurdly cluttered closet. I’m baring my soul here, ok?

Fine. I may be exaggerating a bit. But I’m going to go out on a very cliched limb and say that a woman’s closet can never be full. I have a constant thirst for new styles, for the perfect jacket/boot/scarf/fake collar that will bring my wardrobe to a whole new level. I run down the battery on my iPhone daily while cruising Shopstyle and Go Try It On, and there’s a constant rotation of sought-after pieces in my head just waiting for the next paycheck.

There’s only one problem. I’m broke.

Again, I exaggerate. I can pay my rent, bills, and (technically) my student loans. I’m able to explore San Francisco to its fullest potential, going out to dinner and enjoying a drink with friends. But outside of those luxuries, I’m not exactly rolling in hundred dollar bills (or really fives, for that matter). I’m guessing some of you understand my position, especially in a city where paying $1600 for a studio apartment is entirely reasonable. (Seriously, San Fran?!)

So, I’m on a quest to re-vamp my closet… Not necessarily its contents, but rather my understanding of it. I know there’s tons of untapped outfit potential in there, and I’m confident that I’ll rediscover pieces I forgot I ever owned. On my quest, I’ll certainly add the occasional worthy fashion item to my team, but I want to work with what I have and tailor it to my life in San Francisco. I’m always falling in love with women on the street (or at least their clothes), so I plan to camera-bomb the willing local fashionable and display their fabulousness here.

Beauty can absolutely be an accessory, so I may occasionally wax poetic on why I’ve paired a certain lip or nail color with what I’m wearing. But in general, I’ll leave beauty tips to the pros on my blogroll.

So, I hope you’ll come with me, whether you live a street away from my apartment or in a corner of the world in which San Francisco is only a big, red bridge and a loaf of funny-tasting bread. I think it’ll be a good time.


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